Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo is a genre-defying rock band currently based out of the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington area. BBB formed in the year 2010 as a result of open mic nights and mutual friendships in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their eclectic style comes from many different influences including punk, 1950s do-wop, prog rock, country, and of course classic rock.

Currently Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo is comprised of 4 core members: Bryan Hat on bass guitar, Chelsea Fury on lead guitar, Q on second guitar, and Josh Alday on drums and accordion. Every member sings lead on various songs, and instrument changes happen frequently.  After a house fire took all of the band’s material possessions except their musical instruments, Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo moved to the Pacific Northwest to pursue rock n’ roll.


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Josh Alday (Drums, Accordion)

Chelsea Fury (Lead Guitar)

Q (Guitar)

Bryan Hat (Bass, Guitar)

Charmaine Freemonk (Keys)

Miagain Raighailligh (Violin)